Danville Voters to Reduce Field of Mayoral Candidates from Five to Four

February 21, 2011

Four of the five candidates running in Tuesday's Danville mayoral primary will advance to the general election in April.

Incumbent Mayor Scott Eisenhauer is running for a third term in Danville, against four challengers -- Vermilion County Board Chairman James "Mouse" McMahon, restaurant owner David Quick, truck driver Donald Nord and Alderman Rickey Williams Junior. Only Eisenhauer, McMahon and Quick have their names on the ballot -- Nord and Williams are running write-in campaigns. But Director Barbara Dreher of the Danville Election Commission said all of them have a chance to be among the final four candidates on the April 5th general election ballot.

"The top four vote-getters out of this election, be they write-ins or the names printed on the ballot ... will be printed on the ballot in April," Dreher explained.

That means at least one of the two write-in candidates will see his name printed on the April ballot. Dreher said it is too late to file to run as a write-in candidate for Danville mayor in the April 5th race.

Eisenhauer had no primary challengers in 2007, but he was among a field of nine candidates in the 2003 Danville mayoral primary. Dreher said that primary attracted about 6,000 voters, but she expects a lighter turnout for this year's primary. However, Dreher anticipates turnout to be heavier in the April election.

Dreher said she has received about 260 early ballots for Tuesday's primary, but a few more could still be in the mail.

Story source: WILL