Fabri Weighing Resignation from Champaign Co. Democratic Chairmanship

March 25, 2009

With Champaign County Democratic leadership meeting tonight, there's uncertainty over whether their leader will resign.

Party Chairman Tony Fabri says he's thinking about stepping down from the post and concentrating his time on being the county's elected auditor. Fabri has come under fire for spending little time in the office and being inaccessible since he was appointed auditor in 2006 and won a full term last year. Fabri defends his handling of the auditor's office, which he says has won awards for its performance. But he admits that the backlash has made him think.

"Given the criticism I've been hearing lately -- some of it constructive, some of it just wrong -- some of it's been very helpful and I think I need to focus my attention on the office I was elected to serve," said Fabri.

Fabri won't say if he plans to resign at tonight's Democratic Central Committee meeting or what he'll otherwise tell members. The second-in command in the party leadership, Al Klein, says Fabri hasn't told him anything about resigning tonight, though he says Fabri has brought up the possibility in the past.

Story source: AP