Federal Grant to Help CUMTD Purchase Hybrid Buses

November 16, 2011

Several Illinois communities are getting a portion of a $5 million federal transportation grant to purchase hybrid buses. The Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District will use some of that money to replace its older buses powered by gasoline and diesel.

CUMTD Managing Director Bill Volk said he hopes to have nearly 25 new hybrid vehicles running within the next year and a half.

"We are very committed to improving the environment and our footprint," Volk said. "We feel we need to do that if we're going to promote ourselves as a green alternative for the community."

In addition to the environmental benefits, Volk said the hybrid buses are more affordable and quieter to operate compared to the existing diesel vehicles.

The mass transit district first introduced hybrid buses in 2009. It also uses special filters in its other vehicles to cut down on carbon emissions.

Story source: WILL