Former Union Leader Honored During Labor Day Weekend

September 03, 2012

A long time labor leader in Illinois who led the AFL-CIO for 40 years was honored during the Labor Day weekend.

Reuben Soderstrom was president of the Illinois AFL-CIO from 1930 until his death in 1970. He also served in the House of Representatives in the 1920s. He helped instate laws, such as the 40 hour work week, workers compensation, and women's 8 hour work day.

A parade was planned on Monday in Soderstrom's hometown of Streator in north-central Illinois. After the parade, a statue was also unveiled and dedicated in the town's plaza, which displays quotes from Soderstrom's speeches.

Gov. Pat Quinn declared Sunday, Sept. 2 as "Reuben G. Soderstrom Day."

Story source: WILL