GOP Leaders To Choose New Champaign Co. Bd Member

August 01, 2011

Republican committeemen from Champaign County's District One will meet Monday evening to vote on a new county board member.

The meeting is scheduled for 5:30 PM, at 2919 Crossing Court (at the corner of Duncan and Windsor Roads) in Champaign. The location is the law office of Champaign County Republican Chairman Jason Barickman.

Larry Sapp resigned from the Champaign County Board in June, citing person reasons. He left a vacant seat in District One. The district covers northwest Champaign County, including Mahomet, Seymour, Fisher, Dewey, Foosland and a small part of Champaign..

The committeemen will interview four applicants for the county board seat --- former county board member Chris Doenitz, former Mahomet village trustee Gerald Smith, retired civil engineer Gary Maxwell, and retired hobby shop owner Mark Thompson.

Party Treasurer Habeeb Habeeb says it's a good slate of candidates. He says the party would love to have someone hold the seat for a while, but a 2012 candidacy wasn't a requirement.

"I don't think we strictly asked that," he said. "We just asked about their background. It would be great if they get some experience and they would continue to run, and they have indicated to us that they would run in the general election after that. But I don't believe we asked that question on the application."

The 13 committeemen will cast weighted ballots to choose their recommendation. It will be sent on to the Champaign County Board, which must choose another Republican to serve in the post until the next election in November of 2012. It's expected to act on the party's recommendation at its August 18th meeting.

Story source: WILL