Gov. Quinn: Loans Will Modernize Decatur Water System

July 15, 2013

The city of Decatur is getting some help from the state to update its sewer system and wastewater treatment plant, and create jobs to go with the work.  

On Monday, Gov. Pat Quinn announced $13 million in low-interest loans, which is just under $9 million of that will go towards upgrading a sewer system that has resulted in loss of service for customers, property damage, and high volumes of untreated discharge into Lake Decatur. 

"A region's economic and enviromental strength is based on the availalbity of clean water," Quinn said. "By making critical infrastructure investments now, we can create jobs and make sure that every person and business in the area can have the clean water access they need to live and work."

The remaining $4.1 million is meant to upgrade Decatur’s wastewater treatment facility on the Sangamon River. 

Quinn said the work is funded through his $1 billion Clean Water Initiative will create more than 100 construction jobs, and about 50 more connected to the purchase of services, supplies, and equipment.

Decatur Mayor Mike McElroy calls these loans ‘responsible investments’ that will help taxpayers avoid emergency repairs, and protect residents should sewers fail.

Story source: WILL