Gov. Quinn Making More Money, Giving Less to Charity

April 29, 2013

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn‘s tax returns show he made more money last year, but he gave less to charity than he did in 2011.

Gov. Quinn’s making more money, now that state employees and officials are no longer taking furlough days. 

Quinn took home a salary last year of $177,412, which is nearly $5,000 more pay than he earned a year earlier when he was also governor. In a press release, the governor's office lists Quinn's salary as about $160,000, but that's after pre-tax deductions.

According to the Comptroller’s office, Quinn made less in 2011 because he had to take unpaid days off.

Quinn had issued an executive order requiring non-unionized workers take furlough days as a way to help ease the state’s deficit. At the time, he said “unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures.”

Illinois’ budget is still struggling, but Quinn hasn’t issued a furlough order since then.

According to the handwritten returns, Quinn donated $7,500 of his salary to charity. That is about $4000 less than he gave in 2011.

His office didn't provide a list of which charities, but his state tax refund check-offs demonstrate his longstanding affection for veterans' issues.

Illinois gives taxpayers eight funds they can donate to if they wish.

Quinn gave $10 each to seven of them - including breast and cervical cancer research, child abuse prevention and an after school rescue fund. Meanwhile military family relief got $100.

Story source: Illinois Public Radio