Greene County State’s Attorney Could Enter 13th District Race

September 07, 2011

Another Democrat has surfaced as a potential challenger in the new 13th District Congressional race.

Greene County State's Attorney Matt Goetten says he's not extremely familiar with Urbana Republican Congressman Tim Johnson's voting record, but says there are areas where they disagree.

"He had voted for the (Rep. Paul) Ryan budget, which I think is extremely dangerous, it effectively ended Medicare for seniors as we know it," said Goetten. "We are looking at a time when Social Security is a hot-button topic. I have some concerns about some positions he's taken on that."

But Goetten says he agrees with Johnson that it's time to tighten the fiscal belt in Washington. But he believes voters will be looking for someone with a little government experience, but not so much a part of it that they've 'been part of the problem.'

The 39-year old Goetten says job creation will be a key to a successful run.

"In this new 13th district, obviously, the agri-economy is obviously a staple," he said. "It's our bread and butter here, and I don't think that changes from Greene County to Macoupin County over into Champaign County, and even a small segment of Sangamon County. It's a farming area."

Goetten would likely face Johnson next fall. Former Democratic State Representative Jay Hoffman is also exploring a run for the 13th District. Bloomington physican David Gill is the only Democrat to have officially entered the race.

Goetten is a University of Illinois graduate and serves as a judge advocate general in the Illinois Air National Guard. He'll be in Poland for a training exercise at the end of this month, but says he'll decide whether to run for office after the trip, sometime around October 1st, after weighing family considerations and whether to give up what he calls 'a dream job.

Story source: WILL