Health Alliance Agrees on Contract Extension

August 26, 2011

Health Alliance has approved nine-month contract extensions for state workers and employees.

Health alliance spokeswoman Janes Hayes said the extension should take away a lot of uncertainty for people who have been wondering whether Health Alliance would continue as their provider.

"I think there will be a lot of sighs of relief out there," Hayes said.

At a hearing last week with a bipartisan legislative commission, Health Alliance CEO Jeff Ingrum told lawmakers that he was ready for the extension, but he added that his company should receive a rate increase from the state.

When asked if a rate increase was included in the latest agreement, Hayes said there is no increase in premium rates for the term of the contract, which is through June 30 of next year.

Gov. Pat Quinn has contended that moving state workers and retirees to so-called 'open access' plans would save the state about $100 million a year.

Story source: WILL