Illinois’ Congressional Delegation Votes with Majority on Libya Measures

June 24, 2011

A good portion of Illinois' Congressional delegation believes President Obama should have sought the authority to use military forces in Libya, but many of the same lawmakers won't support a cutoff of funding for it.

The nays took the first vote among Illinois' US House members 17 to 3, voting with the majority. Adam Kinzinger was the state's only Republican to back a largely symbolic measure that backs the President's use of military force. Urbana Republican Tim Johnson opposed it. The overall vote was 295-123.

But Johnson also voted down a separate bill that would have cut off funds for military's effort. 5 Illinois U.S. House members supported that measure, including Republican John Shimkus, Democrats Jesse Jackson Junior and Dan Lipinski. That bill failed 238-180.

The Senate has yet to vote.

Story source: WILL