Ind. House Dems Block Right-to-Work Vote

January 17, 2012

Indiana's House Democrats are again blocking divisive right-to-work legislation because of what their leader calls a Republican "trick.''

Democratic House Minority Leader Patrick Bauer said he learned Monday night of a Republican plan to undermine the Democrats' effort to put right-to-work legislation on the ballot. Democrats boycotted the House again Tuesday in response.

But Republican House Speaker Brian Bosma says Bauer is reneging on a promise that Democrats would vote on the legislation Tuesday.

Bauer says he's having state and outside lawyers review the referendum proposal. He says Democrats could boycott for at least a few more days.

The House of Representatives had planned to vote later Tuesday on the referendum proposal and 43 other amendments to the bill. The Republican proposal would ban unions from collecting mandatory representation fees.

Story source: AP