Ind. Officials Not Changing Statehouse Crowd Limits

January 03, 2012

Indiana officials aren't planning any changes to new Statehouse capacity limit that labor unions and others maintain will stifle protests during the legislative session that starts Wednesday.

Indiana Department of Administration Commissioner Robert Wynkoop said Tuesday the 3,000-person cap is meant to ensure the public's safety. He says keeping people out of the Statehouse isn't the intent.

That limit will cap the number of Statehouse visitors at about 1,300 because it takes into account 1,700 people who work there or who have access passes, including about 250 lobbyists.

State Fire Marshal James Greeson says the limit is based on how quickly the building could be evacuated.

The new security policies also prohibit visitors from bringing in cans or glass bottles and signs larger than 2 feet by 2 feet.

Story source: AP