Indy Explosion Suspect Accused in Plot to Kill Witness

March 28, 2013

Indianapolis prosecutors have charged a suspect in a deadly November house explosion with plotting to have a witness in the case killed.

Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry announced charges against suspect Mark Leonard during a news conference Thursday.

Leonard, his girlfriend Monserrate Shirley and his brother Bob Leonard, are awaiting trial in the Nov. 10 blast that killed a young couple and damaged 33 homes so badly that they had to be demolished.

Investigators say the trio intentionally created the gas explosion at Shirley's home in hopes of collecting insurance money.

Curry said a jail guard overheard a phone call in which Mark Leonard plotted to kill a witness who could testify against him.

All three defendants face murder, arson and conspiracy charges. Shirley also is charged with insurance fraud.

Story source: AP