Kirk Moves from US House to Senate, Defeating Giannoulias

November 03, 2010

Republican Congressman Mark Kirk won the race for Barack Obama's old Senate seat. That seat is currently held by Roland Burris.

The race was close for much of the evening so Kirk didn't hit the stage until midnight. He told his supporters they had voted for fiscal responsibility, lower taxes, and bringing down the deficit, saying the Republican victory changes both national and state politics.

"We saw dark days surrounding this Senate seat," Kirk told supporters. "Blagojevich tried to sell it. Democrats blocked a special election to fill it, but tonight the sun set on a one party corrupt state."

Kirk says he's anxious to take office, something he'll get to do almost immediately. He won't have to wait until January like other newly elected Senators because he also won the court ordered special election on the ballot yesterday.

Story source: AP