Kirk, Durbin Support Last-Minute Deal Reached Friday

April 09, 2011

Although Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk says the details have not been revealed, he supports the agreement to cut federal spending that averted a government shutdown.

Democrats and Republicans in Congress, and the White House, announced Friday a deal that cuts $39 billion. Coupled with other actions earlier in the fiscal year, total spending is reduced by $78 billion.

U.S Senator and Assitant Senate Majority Leader Dick Durbin said "while these cuts will be painful, we must now turn our attention toward addressing our long-term debt and ensuring a future of fiscal responsibility."

In a statement released by his office, Durbin noted "the agreement is the largest budget cut in our nation's history, but still preserves the investments needed to help our economy continue to recover."

Speaking from Washington, Kirk said the parties on Friday also agreed to a budget for the full fiscal year, which ends Sept. 30. He said the agreement does not delve heavily into social issues, but is focused on spending.

Calling the process "overly dramatic,'' Kirk said with the agreement, Congress will return to its normal rhythm, and will begin dealing with next year's budget.

Story source: AP