Labor Day Parades Set In Urbana, Decatur, Bloomington

September 01, 2014

Labor Day parades were scheduled to step off Monday morning in Urbana, Bloomington and Decatur.

In Urbana, the parade is set to begin at Lincoln Square, following a route to Prairie Park for a picnic open to all.

Dave Beck of the Champaign County AFL-CIO says the theme of this year’s parade is “The Living Legacy of Labor”

"We want to look back and celebrate all the hard work that our predecessors have put into the labor movement over the years, and all the victories that we’ve had", said Beck. "But also celebrate the folks that are doing the hard work right now and will be doing it into the future, t keep our movement strong and help it grow."

In Decatur, the parade theme is “Unity in Our Community”. The parade launches from the corner of South Franklin and Wood Streets, and is to be followed by a picnic at Fairview Park.

And in Bloomington, the theme is “Follow in their Footsteps: Register and Vote”.  The parade begins in downtown Bloomingotn at Front and Madison streets. It's followed by a dinner in Miller Park for union members and their families. 

All three Labor Day parades were scheduled to begin at 10 Monday morning.

Story source: WILL