Longtime Legislator Rutherford Sworn In As Treasurer

January 11, 2011

Illinois' new Treasurer is challenging all state officeholders to make their mark amid a massive budget deficit.

Longtime legislator Dan Rutherford was among the six officeholders sworn in Monday at the Prairie Capitol Convention Center. Rutherford reflected on coming to an inauguration as a young boy, when his grandfather was vice chairman of the Livingston County Democrats. The former Senator and House member from Pontiac said he will invest Illinois' money in the most secure way possible with solid business practices. But Rutherford said he will also base his work on prior experience.

"I intend to use this statewide stage and not be an obstructionist with my friends in the legislature in the executive branch of government," he said. "But I not going to be shy about articulating what I believe is necessary to help the economic standing of this great state of Illinois."

Rutherford served in the Illinois House from 1993 to 2002, and in the Senate from 2003 until resigning his seat Sunday night.

Story source: WILL