Madigan To Call For Vote On Tax Increase This Spring

March 26, 2014

Following an announcement by Governor Pat Quinn in his budget speech Wednesday, Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan says he plans to call a vote on making the state's tax increase permanent.

Madigan is chairman of the state Democratic party and has served as speaker for nearly 30 years.

He made the comments during an interview with Illinois Public Television following Gov. Pat Quinn's budget address in Springfield on Wednesday.

Illinois Senate president John Cullerton also agrees with Gov. Pat Quinn on extending what was supposed to be a temporary income tax hike.
Quinn is also calling for giving homeowners a $500 property tax refund.  The pending rollback of the tax increase in January is expected to cause a $1.6 billion loss in revenue.
Madigan supports Quinn's plan and commended the governor for his "political courage'' in asking for the extended tax increase.
He says the Legislature will "resolve'' the issue this spring.

Story source: AP