Malito: Unit 4 “A Goldmine” of Achievement “Waiting to be Tapped

July 25, 2011

The Champaign School District is between superintendents - and while an interim is in place while the search begins for Arthur Culver's replacement, his time in the post is limited. The law allows the school board to employ Dr. Robert Malito for only 100 days, which translates into a complicated calendar that has Malito representing the district for only a few days a month.

Malito retired last year from the top post in the Parkway School District near St. Louis. He has also headed districts in Bloomington and Palatine.

Malito tells Illinois Public Media's Tom Rogers that Unit 4 is a goldmine waiting to be tapped because of its achievements at the top levels - but there are obvious challenges.

(Photo Courtesy Parkway School District)

Story source: WILL