Meijer To Hire 164 New Workers Downstate— 9,200 Nationwide

August 09, 2013

Big-box retailer Meijer plans to hire 9,200 new employees over the next few months --- including employees for its downstate Illinois stores.

Meijer says it invented one-stop shopping. But with 202 big-box stores in five states, it’s no Walmart or Target. Still, the Michigan-based Meijer says it’s growing, and needs the 9,200 workers, or “team members” in company jargon, to keep up with that growth, and to handle upcoming holiday sales.

Company spokesperson Mary Westin says the expansion includes hiring an additional 164 people for Meijer’s downstate Illinois stores in Champaign, Urbana, Normal and Springfield.  That comes out to about 42 new jobs per store. Many of those jobs will be part-time or seasonal, but a Meijer news release says they can be a gateway to fulltime work.

The new hiring does not include staff Meijer will hire when it opens new stores. Meijer’s is opening a new store in Danville in November --- its 6th new store this year.

Story source: WILL