MTD Weighing Fare Hike, Other Changes

April 02, 2013

State funding, health care costs, and other issues have the Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District considering a possible fare hike.

But Assistant Managing Director Tom Costello said it will likely be June before the MTD board knows whether it’s making that change with other budget decisions.

He said  a ‘menu of choices’ has been offered, including fares, and possible changes in services. 

Costello said the biggest factors are the state budget, increased health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, and tax rates.

He said the MTD has a few options when it applies to rider fares.

“The base fare could remain the same, and we take a look at the annual pass," Costello said.  "We could take a look at increasing the base fare, but creating a monthly pass that would still give a significant discount to people who ride every day.  Right now, we have the $60 pass which is quite a bargain, and we really want to encourage people to use that as opposed to paying that dollar every ride.”

The MTD board suggested some of these options at its meeting last week, and will pick up with those talks at a study session in May.

Costello said the staff has tried to create a broad range of choices for the board while recognizing some financial issues lie ahead.

Story source: WILL