New Geologic Data Favorable for Oil in Central Illinois

October 10, 2012

A new seismic survey shows a more than 100 mile stretch in Central Illinois is better poised for oil drilling.

The Director of the Illinois State Geological Survey, Don McKay, said the U.S. Department of Energy used stimulus funds to evaluate the suitability of rocks in the region for large-scale storage of carbon dioxide. 

He unveiled a map of this activity to oil and gas executives Wednesday. 

McKay said there is now data available from a 120 mile stretch of Western Illinois to Southwest Champaign County that could boost the economy.

"Whether it's for mineral resources, or oil, or gas involves a collection of seismic data much like the data we collected for other purposes, and were making available," he said. "So it should be a leg up on understanding variables that are there that would lead to finding an oil prospect, or mineral prospect, or some other subsurface occurrence."

McKay said about 30 members of Illinois’ Oil and Gas Association were enthusiastic about the report.

Story source: WILL