Pogo Studios Archives Donated to the Sousa Archives

February 05, 2014

Recently, Champaign’s famed Pogo Studio closed its doors after nearly 30 years when owner Mark Rubel left for a new job in Nashville, Tennessee. But the music that was recorded there will live on at the Sousa Archives and Center for American Music at the University of Illinois.

Rubel has donated master tapes and other recordings to the archives. His sister, Sasha has donated photos and other memorabilia related to Pogo studios and the local music scene.

Illinois Public Media's Jason Croft recently took a trip to the Sousa Archives to visit those in charge of the collection--Scott Schwartz and Rory Grennan.

At this point, Schwartz said the Sousa Archives is planning an exhibit for this fall focusing on Pogo Studios and how it captured the essence of the local community.

Story source: WILL