Protesters Rally Against Same-Sex Marriage

February 20, 2013

Hundreds of Illinois residents crowded both inside and outside the state Capitol on Wednesday, protesting same-sex marriage.

Protesters wore bright yellow buttons depicting stick figures of one man and one woman.

David Smith is the Illinois Family Institute’s executive director. He said limiting marriage to opposite-sex couples is not a form of discrimination.

“Marriage benefits society. It’s the perfect environment to raise the next generation of children," Smith said. "Children do best in a mother-father home.”

The Illinois Family Institute helped protesters contact their state representatives.

Sandi Grutzius of Orland Park made the trip to the Capitol with her husband and five children.

"Well, it's important to us because we follow Biblical values and we want our children to be taught that as well," Grutzius said.

Randy Fehrenbacher of Olney said he is concerned about future generations.

"I don't want the state headed in this direction," Fehrenbacher said. "I want my children and grandchildren to know I stood up against this."

A same-sex marriage proposal is in the Illinois House after clearing the Senate on Valentine’s Day.

Gay and lesbian couples were also in the Capitol on Wednesday, trying to gather support for the measure.

Story source: Illinois Public Radio