Quinn Rallies Labor Behind Him, Warning of Cuts

October 11, 2010

Governor Pat Quinn's election campaign took him to some friendly crowds on Monday, including one in Champaign County.

Union members rallied around Quinn in a statewide series of appearances. After the last one of the day before a spirited crowd at Savoy's Plumbers and Pipefitters Hall, Quinn felt like his core constituency was primed to get out the vote, even amid questions about apathy among Democratic voters.

"I didn't see any apathy today," Quinn said. "I think a lot of folks are ready to vote, and that's best way to show your citizenship, flex your muscles."

Quinn dished out criticism of Republican challenger Bill Brady's plans to rein in spending, saying programs such as college scholarships for students in need would be in danger of more cuts.

"The working people of Illinois deserve a scholarship program that can help their kids go to (school). I'm running against someone who wants to cut that back. We're never going to cut that back," Quinn said to applause. "We're going to invest in the brains of everyday people. They're going to make our state even better."

The rally also featured welder Matt Langendorf of St. Joseph, whose homemade commercial for Quinn has made it to statewide airwaves.

As Quinn crossed the state, Brady and his campaign bus tour hit Charleston as it swings through southeast Illinois.

(Photo by Tom Rogers/WILL)

Story source: AP