Quinn Won’t Sign Gambling Bill Without More Changes

November 23, 2011

Ill. Gov. Pat Quinn said he won't sign any gambling expansion bill that doesn't meet his framework. The gambling expansion bill was narrowly defeated by state legislators a couple weeks ago.

Next week, lawmakers are back in session and may try yet again to advance it. Quinn said they shouldn't bother if it still includes slot machines at race tracks.

"The gambling enthusiasts - frankly if they come back and have the same proposal as before, they'll get the same result as before. I'm not gonna sign what they're peddling. It's bad for Illinois," Quinn said in a news conference Tuesday.

Quinn also called out lawmakers who have claimed the bill could raise up to $1 billion a year in state revenue. An outside firm Quinn commissioned to study the bill said it would actually generate far less - roughly $160 million a year.

"Some of the people exaggerating the amounts in Springfield need to be brought to their senses and brought to reality," Quinn said.

The study also reports slot machines at race tracks would over-saturate the market and drag down revenue at a proposed Chicago casino.

Story source: AP