Save Jobs, Shop Local, Spend Now” Aimed at Putting More Cash Through Local Stores

March 13, 2009

Champaign County's business community wants to inject some optimism into an otherwise uncertain local economy.

Their method includes window decals, TV and radio ads, and bright green t-shirts saying "Save jobs, shop local, spend now." Dozens of county Chamber of Commerce members wore the shirts in kicking off the campaign this morning - Rantoul Chamber of Commerce director Chris Kaler says with a few businesses closing lately, local residents who can afford to, should buy items according to their current ability.

"If we don't stick together, if we don't shop local, if we don't spend responsibly, we're doing a tremendous disservice, Kaler said. "So what I'm asking people to do is get out of your bunker."

County Chamber president Laura Weis acknowledges that their campaign can do little more than boost morale, but the effort ought to make people think after hearing months of gloomy economic news.

"We don't want this to sound frivolous," Weis said. "We're not trying to tell people to go out and just blow your money. What we want people to do is to think about things they've made conscious choices about, things that were part of their life everyday that they've consciously decided to cut back on, and start to reincorporate that back in to your everyday activity."

Weis says businesses have lost revenue -- not just from skittish customers, but from internet sales going to other regions.

Story source: AP