Send U of I Enrollment Mgt Plan Back to Faculty Senate: Faculty Pro-Union Group

January 09, 2012

As the University of Illinois investigates anonymous emails about a controversial new enrollment management plan, a group promoting collective bargaining for university faculty says that plan should be put on hold.

The Campus Faculty Association at the U of I Urbana campus wants a moratorium on President Michael Hogan's new, more centralized, enrollment management plan, in light of the emails.

The writer of the emails claimed to be an anonymous faculty senator, and brought up disagreements among Conference members as they considered a report critical of some parts of the plan. But a computer science professor traced the email to a computer registered to Hogan's chief of staff, Lisa Troyer, who resigned last week, citing personal reasons.

Campus Faculty Association spokesperson Susan Davis says it's clear to her group that the administration has been trying to put undue pressure on the Faculty Senates Conference as it considers "a very significant change in the way students are admitted to the U of I". Davis says the enrollment management plant should be sent back to the faculty senates at all three U of I campuses for a thorough review.

Leadership on the Faculty Senates Conference have been reluctant to blame the emails on Troyer, before the university's investigation is complete. They note the possibility her computer may have been hacked. Troyer has not returned a call seeking comment.

Story source: WILL