Statement from Lisa Troyer About Anonymous Emails

January 13, 2012

An investigation by the University of Illinois finds that Lisa Troyer was responsible for sending a series of anoymous e-mails to the Senates Conference. Troyer had resigned as the chief of staff to University President Michael Hogan. Here is her e-mail statement in which she says she "did not write or send the e-mails under question."

Dear Members of the Press,

In recent days, you've written or called to request a statement from me regarding my resignation. I did not respond, as it is against University policy to make public statements while an investigation is underway. Now that the investigation is complete, I offer a statement, which follows my sign off, below.


Lisa Troyer ======================

I recognize that some may have wondered about my silence since my resignation was announced. I think it's important to recognize that the University's policy is not to comment while an investigation is underway, a policy that I believe is important to honor, which is why I declined to respond to earlier requests for comment.

First, let me thank my many colleagues, friends, and family members for their outpouring of support and kindness in the last few weeks, as well as their recognition that I would not engage in the kinds of acts that have been attributed to me.

I did not write or send the e-mails under question.

I asked the University Executive CIO to investigate this matter within minutes of learning that an anonymous e-mail to the University Senates Conference listserv was being attributed to me and, in fact, I was the one who first instigated the investigation. I followed all directions given to me by the University information technology staff and others involved in the investigation at all times.

While University information technology staff worked on this, I also alerted the University Ethics Officer and initiated an inquiry.

As the investigation continued, I recognized that without and until there is an explanation of the source of this situation, I cannot effectively fulfill my duties as Chief-of-Staff in the Office of the President and, for this reason, offered my resignation on 1/3/2011.

In addition to initiating the investigation myself, I have cooperated fully, answering all questions honestly, providing all information requested, and respecting the integrity and confidentiality of the investigation by withholding comment while it was underway.

I'm grateful for the efforts that many undertook during the investigation, including those of the external consultants that the President had the foresight to engage. While the investigation didn't reveal the source of the e-mails or how they were sent, it also wasn't able to exonerate me. That's disappointing because I recognize that I cannot resume my position as an effective chief-of-staff in the absence of such an outcome.

Again, I had nothing to do with these e-mails and, although the source and motivation have not yet been uncovered, I believe that in the fullness of time, the truth behind this matter will be revealed.

Story source: WILL