Tuition Going Up at Southern Illinois University

May 12, 2011

Southern Illinois University's Board of Trustees has approved tuition and fee increases for the coming academic year, but despite the added revenue administrators say budgets will still be tight.

President Glenn Poshard said the tuition increase - at 6.9% - is three percent less than the original proposal. He said that means further belt-tightening will be in the works for at least the next year.

"There's no way that I see us letting up on any of the budget management practices that we've put in place," Poshard said. "So, given the fact that that's what we have to continue doing - not filling positions and so on - we'll make it do. But it isn't all that we need, of course."

The newly enacted tuition increase applies to incoming students. The fee increases will apply to all students taking classes this fall and through the next year.\\\

Trustees say they are hopeful that a turnaround in enrollment and changes in other areas will help ease the cost burden on students in the near future.

Story source: AP