Two Admit to Attacking Researcher in Champaign

October 29, 2012

Two Champaign men have pleaded guilty to attacking an Australian researcher who was visiting the University of Illinois last year.

The News-Gazette reports Monday that 18-year-old Ralph Gray and 18-year-old Anthony Davis pleaded guilty to aggravated kidnapping. Last week 18-year-old co-defendant Dorian Wills pleaded guilty.

Prosecutors offered the three men a plea bargain capping their prison sentences at 20 years. All three will be sentenced in December.

Clinton Fookes was visiting Champaign while in the U.S. for a conference.  Fookes told police he remembered little about what happened to him but woke on the north side of Champaign on Oct. 21, 2011, bleeding and missing a watch and cell phone. The cell phone led police to the men.

Fookes was hospitalized for five days with head injuries.

Story source: AP