U of I Finds More Law School Grade Problems

September 28, 2011

Two weeks after a University of Illinois law school dean was put on administrative leave for inaccurately reporting LSAT and GPA scores for the class of 2014, more discrepancies have been uncovered.

Based on an investigation, U of I officials have identified similar miscalculations for the classes of 2011 through 2013.

While the data discrepancies range from a tenth of a point to a single point from the actual scores, university spokesman Tom Hardy said it is still very serious.

"Those discrepancies appear small, but they are serious and important enough because it's important, it's essential to have integrity in the information that we provide," Hardy said.

In a statement, University President Michael Hogan called the data errors unacceptable, and he pledged to set up an independent monitor to help verify future data.

"The University, the campus and the College of Law place the highest priority on accuracy and integrity, and we will take measures to ensure that this never happens again," Hogan said.

The U of I said a final report on the investigation will be released. Meanwhile, College of Law admissions dean Paul Pless is still on administrative leave as a result of the inaccurate data for the class of 2014. Corrected data has since been posted for that class.


















































































































CLASS OF 2011 LSAT 165 166
  GPA 3.6 3.6
CLASS 0F 2012 LSAT 165 166
  GPA 3.7 3.8
CLASS OF 2013 LSAT 167 167
  GPA 3.6 3.8
CLASS OF 2014 LSAT 163 168
  GPA 3.70 3.81


Story source: WILL