U of I Trustees Meeting Twice in Urbana in 14 Months

May 10, 2011

The University of Illinois' Board of Trustees hasn't met on its flagship campus since late September.

And there's not another meeting scheduled in Urbana until December. U of I spokesman Tom Hardy says the Trustees' schedule this year represents a bit of an anomaly. He says the rule of thumb is that Trustees will meet two to three times in both Urbana and Chicago over the course of a year, along with one meeting on the Springfield campus.

But Hardy says accessibility of space has kept the Trustees from their Urbana meetings in the Illini Union the past few months. And he says there's the availability of the trustees themselves to consider.

"Six of the statewide appointed trustees hail from the greater Chicago area, and the other three are from areas outside of the Chicago area," said Hardy. "Every one of them is a professional or executive who have very busy schedules."

Two months ago, Hardy says one meeting was moved from Urbana to Springfield in an effort to be there at the time the legislature was in session. But lawmakers ended up taking that week off. U of I Trustees will meet on the Chicago campus on June 9th. The next Trustees meeting in Urbana is slated for December 2nd.

Story source: WILL