UI Political Science Professor: Madigan’s Decision May Affect Budget Talks

July 08, 2009

The sudden announcement from Lisa Madigan leaves two major Democratic primaries fairly wide open next year - but it may also have ramifications for this year's legislative budget deadlock.

Some had theorized that lawmakers led by Madigan's father, House Speaker Mike Madigan, were happy to withhold support for Governor Pat Quinn's spending and income tax proposals in order to help Lisa Madigan in a potential run for governor against Quinn. But University of Illinois political science professor Robert Rich says today's (Wed) news throws that speculation out the window.

"It will put some additional pressure on the Speaker to make his position and why he's doing it totally transparent, Rich said "Alternatively it'll say to his critics that he never did it because of his daughter."

Rich says Madigan's decision to run for re-election as attorney general opens up both races to other potential Democratic candidates, such as state treasurer Alexi Giannoulias or comptroller Dan Hynes. It may also provide more breathing room for Governor Quinn, who hasn't said if he plans to run for a full term.

Story source: AP