Villa Grove Superintendent to Hold Two Jobs Next School Year

May 28, 2013

A new administrator with the Villa Grove School District says being able to serve as the district's superintendent and principal is the perfect opportunity to study the district’s administrative structure.

Mary Manos joins Villa Grove in the upcoming school year. She said she made the suggestion of serving in a dual role as a way to save the district about $68,000 in the 2013-2014 school year.

Manos admitted she is concerned about having enough time to commit to both positions, but she said she has been part of similar cost-saving moves at other small districts.

“It just hasn’t been done in Villa Grove before," she said. "So yes, superintendent is a 24-hour position anyway. But I really look forward to getting to know the faculty, and then to know the kids.  I make it my goal to know every kid’s name in the first three weeks, and that can only be possible when you’re principal.”

Manos said Villa Grove is among the districts forced to upgrade their technology for state-mandated testing, despite a lack of funding. The district is adding more than 150 new and used computers. 

"I know they have looked at literally all operational areas," she said.  "If we can make it more efficient, it all adds up to the bottom line.  This is something that everyone has to be able to help."

Manos comes to Villa Grove school from Hartsburg-Emden schools, a small district in Logan County, just north of Lincoln.

District leaders plan to visit other schools before July of next year, interviewing teachers on ways they have learned to do more with less state funding.

Story source: WILL