Weibel Re-Elected, Expects County Board Size Discussion to Move Forward

December 07, 2010

Democrat Pius Weibel will head the Champaign County Board for another two years.

He and Democrat Tom Betz were re-elected as chair and vice chair on party-line votes of 14 to 12 Monday night, besting Republican nominees Alan Nudo and Jonathan Schroeder. One member, Democrat Geraldo Rosales, was absent. Weibel said the keeping the budget tight as possible remains the top priority, and he said the mere size of the board, 27 members, gives off the impression that things are not being accomplished.

"We've gotten many things done," Weibel said. "We've built new buildings, we've changed some old buildings into new things. We've changed structure. We've done a lot of things. I think the problem is because we have so many people, people think with wll these voices, that's why we're dysfunctional - like a big family vs. a small family."

Weibel said he expects the county board to begin discussion a week from Tuesday on reducing the board from 27 to 22 members, while boosting the number of districts from 9 to 11. On November 2nd, voters overwhelmingly approved an advisory referendum supporting the change. The changes would take effect with redistricting, for the 2012 election.

At least two new County Board members are ready to consider the change. However, Stephanie Holderfield said the effectiveness of reducing the size will rely largely on communication. The District 1 Republican from Mahomet said now that constituents have spoken, it is up to her and other board members outside of Champaign and Urbana to have a voice.

"I think it's going to depend on how the county board representative communicates with the township supervisors, and the community is one and a half miles outside the town limits," Holderfield said. "That's what my job is. My job is to be a good communicator and good facilitator of the constituents one and a half miles outside an incorporated area."

Holderfield is the one new Republican on the board. New District 9 Democrat Christopher Alix says he is ready to advance the proposal as well, saying it will work as well as what's currently in place. He and Democrat James Quisenberry were also sworn in Monday night, along with Democrat Pattsi Petrie in District 6.

Story source: WILL