Natural Gas Spill Cleanup Continues

October 17, 2017

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources says Peoples Gas is still working to clean up a natural gas leak in rural Champaign County. 

Peoples Gas discovered the natural gas leak at one of its gas storage wells north of Mahomet last December. The company says the gas leaked into well water for five nearby properties.

The company’s initial efforts to repair the damage were unsuccessful. And last month, the Department of Natural Resources sent Peoples Gas a Notice of Violation, giving it 30 days to repair the environmental damage.

The 30 days are up, and the DNR says Peoples Gas is not yet finished, and remains in violation.

Peoples Gas proposes drilling four relief wells to vent the natural gas from the well water of affected property owners. It’s seeking permission from the Illinois EPA and affected homeowners, and does not have a timetable for when the work will be done

Story source: WILL