No Strings Attached

December 30, 2016
By © Guillaume Piolle /, CC BY 3.0,

On this week's Prairie Performances, Friday night at 7 pm on WILL-FM 90.9, we hear a concert with the Illinois Chamber Symphony. “No Strings Attached” is the theme of this concert, and as the title suggests, the violins, the violas, the cellos and the basses have the evening off. The winds are featured in a concert of music spanning four centuries, including Stravinsky’s “Symphonies of Winds; and Kurt Weill’s “Threepenny Opera Suite.”

No Strings Attached (1/23-24/15)
Illinois Chamber Symphony
Alastair Willis, conductor

Gabrieli | Sonata pian'e forte
R. Strauss | Serenade for Winds
Paul Dukas | La Peri Fanfare
Stravinsky | Symphony of Winds
Weill | Threepenny Opera Suite

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