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No Budget Means Construction Will Stop On New Lab At University Of Illinois

The Illinois Capital Development Board has ordered construction stopped by June 30 on a number of projects around the state because of the lack of a state budget. You can add an agriculture lab at the University of Illinois to the list, and there are multiple costs possible over the delay, officials say.

Savoy resident Doris McGee, State Treasurer Mike Frerichs and Andre Jordan, of AARP Illinois.
Jim Meadows/Illinois Public Media
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Frerichs Calls On Governor To Sign Insurance Death Benefits Bill

A bill on Governor Bruce Rauner’s desk would require insurers to notify families of any death benefits they may be due from lapsed life insurance policies going back to the beginning of the century.

State Treasurer Mike Frerichs backed the bill (HB302), which won approval in the General Assembly in May--- and now he’s calling on Governor Bruce Rauner to sign it.

Illinois Senate chamber.
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Little Visible Progress On First Day Of Special Budget Session

Illinois lawmakers met briefly on the first day of their special session to work on a state budget, quickly adjourning so that Democrats and Republicans could meet behind closed doors to strategize.