Sustaining Members Provide Steady Income

Sharon Michalove uses electronic funds tranfer to contribute to WILL monthly.

May 15, 2013

Sharon Michalove is a sustaining member of WILL. Her membership never lapses, but she can stop or change her gift at any time.

When you set up a recurring gift through an automatic bank transfer (EFT), a credit card payment or through University of Illinois payroll deduction, you can designate that the gift continue until you wish to make a change. Ongoing support, like that provided by Sharon and many other Friends of WILL, provides WILL with steady, reliable income that balances the uncertainty of other funding sources.

Because this option reduces the amount we spend on renewal notices, sustained giving ensures that your dollars go farther to support the programs you care about. Plus, the one-step process is much more convenient for you.

Sharon used payroll deduction to make her monthly contribution to WILL when she worked at the University of Illinois. Now that she's retired, she uses electronic funds tranfer. "I never have to remember to send in my contribution, and WILL is assured of sustained montly support for their program services," she said. 

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