NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest!

Crank up the amps, warm up the drum machines, dust off the sax (or an instrument of your choosing) because NPR Music's Tiny Desk Concert contest is back for 2018!

Here's how you enter:

1. Choose an original song. 
2. Pick a desk (any desk). 
3. Film yourself playing said song at said desk.
4. Become the next great undiscovered artist to play the Tiny Desk.
5. Go on a national tour!

Submissions are due by March 25, 2018.

Tiny Desk Concert started back in 2014, and the biggest thrill has been seeing the impact on the three previous winners: Fantastic Negrito, Gaelynn Lea and Tank and the Bangas. Fantastic Negrito won a Grammy; Gaelynn Lea went on to play at renowned venues like the Kennedy Center; and Tank and the Bangas toured internationally and even headlined NPR Music's 10-year anniversary party.

Full information on NPR Music's Tiny Desk Contest 2018, including whether or not you are eligible, click here

Check out some local video entrants for NPR's Tiny Desk Contest 2016:

NPR's Tiny Desk Contest 2016 received over 6,000 entries from musicians and groups of musicians from across the country as well as the genres. The only stipulation? Just get the band together and make a video of yourself performing a song you've written.

We have a crazy vibrant music scene – and these local musician/band entries certainly did central Illinois proud!

Champaign – Kyle Fleming: Scars (Folk)


Champaign – Rylie Bourne: Mary Ann (Country)


Urbana – Emily Neblock: Siddhartha (Folk)


Urbana – elizaBeth Simpson: Bring Me You (Folk)


Rochester – The Blue G's: Deliverance (Folk)


Kincaid – Lindsey Dixon: Poison (Pop)


Mattoon – Jeremy T. McConnaha: The Eager Movement (Folk)


Check out some local video entrants in NPR's Tiny Desk Contest 2015:

Urbana: Bones Jugs N Harmony with Cody Jenson, Charlie Harris, J.P. Goguen, Tim Berg. Wiggle Ya Bones


Champaign: Rogers Park with Yosef Peysin, Mordy Kurtz, Dov Gurewicz, Ruby Harris. The Holy One


West Lafayette, Ind.: James Moon and the 3rd Floor Invention with James Moon, David Harmon, Dan Pullins, Dru Alkire, Nothing These Blue Eyes Ain't Been Through

Champaign: Rebecca Rego & The Trainmen, Rebecca Rego, Matt Yeates, Eric Fitts, Cory Ponton, Bury My Body


Lafayette, Ind.: Traveling Broke and Out of Gas, Cody Hall, Rachael Yanni, Davide Marzoli, Maxx Heathcote, Run for Your Lives

Chrisman, Ill.: Nick Cogan, Shotgun Weddings


Urbana: Harry Mickalide, Opening the Door


Kankakee, Ill.: Daniel Carlson, Sweet Thames



Urbana: John Sherrod, Big Ass Car From Texas


Lafayette, Ind.: Ian Gerber, The Heavy Co., The Humboldt County Waltz




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