The Right Tools for the Job

Thanks to the help of Friends of WILL over the past 40 years, Illinois Public Media has consistently been a leader in public radio. As we look to the future of radio, it is essential that we are able to keep improving the services we provide to our audience. For our February fundraising campaign, we seek to raise $50,000 to ensure that our staff has the right tools for the job.

Your contribution makes a big impact.

Getting the right tools for the job means identifying some essential needs for our station and having funds available to make smart purchases to meet those needs. It means having the appropriate technology in place and maintaining the established quality our listeners have come to expect.

Watch a video of news and public affairs director Scott Cameron talking about the resources his staff needs to tell community stories:

Your support will help us provide these tools for our radio staff:

Digital Reporter’s Tool Kit:

  • DSLR camera (still photos + video):  $700
  • Laptop computer: $1550
  • Digital audio recorder: $667
  • Carrying case/backpack:  $60
  • Batteries:  $100
  • Storage cards:  $100
  • Docking station:  $150

Multimedia Tools:

  • Laptops for WILL reporters:  $4650
  • Upgrade for our Omneon Digital Storage Device:  $4700
  • Digital archival storage system:  $12,000
  • New laptop-based multimedia editing system:  $15,000


  • Annual fee to NPR Digital:  $30,000 (provides access to Composer Pro II, the software used by the FM staff to record their playlists and provide access to FM’s playlist via our website)
  • FM/TV transmitter site, replace roof:  $40,000
  • Streaming our broadcasts for AM and FM: $4000
  • Developing and maintaining our phone app: $4700

Donate now to help ensure we have the right tools for the job.

Help IPM’s news, agricultural, classical/cultural staffs and our media interns get the right tools to create and edit content that will be shared on WILL Radio, Online, and beyond.

Watch a video of reporter Sean Powers talking about how member support is important to the work of the news department:

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