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Farmer and philanthropist Howard Buffett

When he was a boy, Howard Buffett loved to play in the dirt. He even planted corn in his family’s backyard when he was only 5, and he’s always loved big machines. So it’s no surprise he ended up in agriculture, says Illinois Pioneers host David Inge.

Buffett says he considers himself a farmer first. “But he is also the CEO of a foundation dedicated to finding solutions to world hunger and has traveled to 130 countries looking for new ways to help people feed their families, while at the same time taking care of the environment,” David said.

Mid-American Gardener

Mid-American Gardener: Apple Scabs, Japanese Maples, Peach Trees

For the very first time, Jim Schuster was hosting Mid-American Gardener along with guest panelists Jennifer Nelson, Kaizad Irani and Kent Miles. The discussion touched upon Apple Scabs, Japanese Maples, Peach Trees and much more. Jennifer Nelson showed how to organize your seeds and Kent Miles displayed different types of Pussy Willows and how you can use them in your home displays.

WILL Highlights

Vic Di Geronimo in WILL-FM's music library

Classic Mornings

Get more out of your classical music experience and check out Vic Di Geronimo’s blog.

ART/BTS wins 2 Tellys

For the second year in a row, the web series brought home both a Silver and Bronze Telly award.