10 Sisters: A True Story

A Story of Loss and the Triumph of Family Bonds

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They grew up sleeping 10 to a bed, taking care of one another in their rural Illinois home when their parents were too distracted by money problems or disagreements to nurture their children. They had what they thought was a happy childhood in Paradise Township, Ill., despite having little in the way of material things.

But in March 1942, the 10 sisters of the Waggoner family walked with their mother and father into the Coles County courthouse, and slowly realized that it was the last time their family Twelve Waggoner siblings in March 1940would ever be together. The sobbing sisters were literally pulled apart, and driven to different homes after a court proceeding made them wards of the state. The sisters have spent the last 65 years regaining the closeness they once shared. Don't miss WILL-TV's new documentary by Tim Hartin that pairs the tragic story of their childhood loss with the triumphant story of their work to become a family again.

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