PM News Host / Race & Equity Reporter


PM News Host / Race & Equity Reporter

The PM News Host / Race and Equity Reporter will have the following responsibilities: 

- Serve as on-air local host and board operator of NPR’s All Things Considered, Illinois Public Media’s most listened to afternoon daily radio show. Establish rapport with listeners and delivers important information in a clear, concise, authentic, accurate and personable manner. Consistently deliver a professional, friendly and conversational on-air presentation that fits seamlessly into NPR’s All Things Considered. Prepare newscasts, interviews, sports, weather and other material for delivery during the program. Create interviews and spot news stories for air as well as IllinoisNewsroom.org and will.illinois.edu (including text, photo, audio and video). Keep up to date on issues in a variety of local and regional topics and connects national and regional stories to the local audience. Fill in for other radio/TV show hosts as needed.

- Produce audio-rich stories and program segments that provide depth and context on topics relevant to the region for broadcast, digital, social media and special segments for TV. Be self-directed in identifying potential assignments, maintain productivity in both quantity and quality of work, and appropriately plan, organize, prioritize, and promote work in coordination with an editor. Develop and maintain source networks across diverse races, genders and abilities. Fact-check and understand context. Use natural writing and voicing style in stories. Use community engagement best practices to tell stories with communities, not just about them. Offer input and guidance to the Director of News and Public Affairs and Managing Editor on series and special projects. Manage interns as needed.

- Work with other departments at WILL to ensure continuity and good relationships that support a coordinated station strategy. Participate in pledge drive trainings and as pledge talent during fund drives. Participate in marketing activities, community outreach projects and other audience interactions as assigned on behalf of Illinois Public Media.

Position Requirements and Qualifications:


Any one or any combination totaling three (3) years (36 months) of the following types of preparation:

  1. progressively more responsible work experience in the production and presentation of radio or television programs, social media, and/or print or online journalism
  2. vocational training in radio and/or television production, journalism, social media, news or feature writing and/or announcing or closely related fields
  3. college course work in radio/television, journalism, social media, news or feature writing or closely related fields:
  • 60 semester hours equals one (1) year (12 months)
  • 75 semester hours equals one (1) year and six (6) months (18 months)
  • 90-semester hours equals two (2) years (24 months)
  • 120 semester hours or a Bachelor’s degree equals three (3) years (36 months)

Preferred: Two years on-air radio or TV anchoring experience, public broadcasting preferred. Two years experience in broadcast script writing. Reporting experience in broadcast media and web preferred. Communicate and report in Spanish or another language preferred.

Training, Licenses or Certifications:

Preferred: Current and valid United States Driver's License

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Ability to edit audio with Adobe Audition or comparable audio systems. Ability to add content to the website’s CMS. Skilled at Microsoft Office software (Outlook, Word, Access, and Lync). Extensive knowledge of local, regional and national current events and issues. Ability to write accurately, clearly and concisely for broadcast and web. Ability to anchor a broadcast news program with a confident, intelligent and friendly manner. Ability to interact effectively with people from all walks of life. Familiarity with libel rules, social media policies and best practices and the codes of ethics adopted by Illinois Public Media.

Environmental Demands:

The PM News Host/Race & Equity Reporter is an essential position and may be required to be on-site when reduced staffing has been declared by the University of Illinois due to severe weather or other emergency-related circumstances. The PM News Host/Race & Equity Reporter works in a normal office setting. Some responsibilities will require the reporter/anchor to work in the radio and television broadcasting studios. The PM News Host/Race & Equity Reporter should also be comfortable traveling to various off-site locations, greeting the public, and participating in meetings and conferences in various venues.

To Apply:

Applications must be received by October 28, 2021. Apply for this position using the “Apply for Position” button here. If you have not applied before, you must create your candidate profile athttp://jobs.illinois.edu. If you already have a profile, you will be redirected to that existing profile via email notification.

To complete the application process:

Step 1) Submit the Staff Vacancy Application.

Step 2) Submit the Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability forms.

Step 3) Upload your cover letter, resume (months and years of employment must be included) academic credentials (unofficial transcripts or copy of diploma may be acceptable) for all degrees attained and names/contact information for three references here.

In order to be considered as a transfer candidate, you must apply for this position using the “Apply for Position” button found here. Applications not submitted through this website will not be considered. For further information about this specific position, contact cass3188@illinois.edu . For questions about the application process, please contact 217-333-2137.