August 27, 2012

I Spy Someone Spying

Americans spend billions of dollars each year trying to fight off malicious spyware. In this week’s Legal Issues in the News, Jay Kesan shows that the spies are sometimes much closer to you than you might think.

August 20, 2012

Goldrush and the IRS

Now that the Olympics are over, our favorite Olympians have another season to prepare for – tax season. On this week’s Legal issues in the News, Christine Hurt explains why Michael Phelps and Missy Franklin have to pay a little green for all that gold.

August 13, 2012

Hook, Line and Sinker

No one really looks for the gold at the end of a rainbow, right? In this week’s Legal Issues in the News, Travis McDade explores some of the get-rich-quick scams and the tactics used to find willing participants.

August 06, 2012

Going for the Goldfinger

Have you seen the funny and witty video that opened the 2012 Olympic Games? Well, if you haven’t, it is unlikely that you will. Jay Kesan explains in this week’s Legal Issues in the News.