Legal Issues In the News - November 17, 2014

But Not a Jury of One’s Peers

Recently, two high-profile court cases have looked at the question of what racial makeup constitutes a jury of one's peers. Commentator Matt Andres discusses how juries are picked and if there are inequities in these pools.

Legal Issues In the News - November 10, 2014

The Many Faces of Due Process

When it comes to the law, we all think we have a right to our day in court. But that is only one aspect of the due process clause. The U.S. Constitution also limits the reach of courts and protects defendants. More from commentator Verity Winship.

Legal Issues In the News - November 03, 2014

Patent or Copyright?

In this week's Legal Issues in the News, commentator Paul Heald explores the difference in protection under patent and copyright law.