Live and Local - October 13, 2011

The string trio Time for Three; The musical “1776”

The string trio Time for Three call themselves a "classical garage band." They're playing in Bloomington on Sunday, and I'll talk with violinist Zach DePue on the Thursday edition of "Live and Local." I'll also chat with two cast members of the Springfield Theater Center's production of the musical "1776," which opens tomorrow at the Hoogland Center for the Arts.

Live and Local - October 11, 2011

The Wilders

2011 marks 15 years of playing together for The Wilders, an acoustic quartet whose roots are in old time and bluegrass music but whose sound delivers a more contemporary urgency. The Wilders will play at the Independent Media Center in Urbana Tuesday night, and they'll play for us live on the Tuesday edition of "Live and Local."


Bonus Video:

Live and Local - October 10, 2011

Storyteller Dan Keding; Colby Fahrenbacher, tuba soloist

Dan Keding is a celebrated storyteller and writer, in these parts and elsewhere. He'll give a concert called "Tales from Darkest Night" on Friday and Saturday in downtown Champaign. He'll give us a preview on the Monday edition of the show. I'll talk also with Colby Fahrenbacher, tuba soloist with the University of Illinois Symphony on Friday, and with Eugene Power, one of the orchestra's student conductors.

Live and Local - October 07, 2011

The Tony- and Emmy-award-winning stage show BLAST!

The Tony- and Emmy-award-winning stage show BLAST! transports the showmanship of outdoor pageantry from the athletic field to the theatrical stage. BLAST! will tour its 35 brass, percussion and visual performers to Urbana and Bloomington in the coming weeks, and I'll talk with veteran show member Jean Heasley on the Friday edition of "Live and Local.

Live and Local - October 06, 2011

Pianists Ilya Blinov and Christian Matjias play “The Rite of Spring”; The Greencards

Stravinsky's ballet "The Rite of Spring" was one of the most revolutionary, even shocking, musical events of its time. On Saturday in Urbana, pianists Ilya Blinov and Christian Matjias will tackle what's normally a huge orchestral score. I'll talk with Prof. Matjias on the Thursday edition of "Live and Local." And we'll learn about an acoustic Americana band called The Greencards, playing in Bloomington Thursday night.

Live and Local - October 05, 2011

The Canadian string group Barrage

Most classical violinists balk at being asked to stand to play, much less to dance-or sing-while playing. But that's just what the five violinists of the Canadian group Barrage do every day. They'll bring their high-energy show to Urbana on Friday, to play with string musicians from Champaign Centennial High School. We'll hear full details on the Wednesday edition of "Live and the Local.

Live and Local - October 04, 2011

Heartland Festival Orchestra; God of Carnage at the Station Theatre

The Heartland Festival Orchestra will play the next concert of its third season at Five Points Washington on Saturday, with music by and about Beethoven. I'll talk with music director David Commanday on the Tuesday edition of "Live and Local." And we'll hear some live scenes from God of Carnage, the opening play of the Station Theatre's 40th season.

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