November 08, 2011 - Live and Local

Ukelele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro; jazz violinist Sara Caswell

The ukulele has often been treated as a novelty, but in Hawaii, it's taught to nearly every schoolchild. The phenomenal Jake Shimabukuro brings his solo ukulele tour to Springfield and Bloomington this week, and he'll join me on the Tuesday edition of "Live and Local." We'll also meet the marvelous jazz violinist Sara Caswell, who will play in Charleston Tuesday night.

November 07, 2011 - Live and Local

Ronny Cox; Fabio Luisi

Ronny Cox is perhaps most recognizable to most listeners as an actor who appeared in such classics as "Deliverance," "Bound for Glory," The Onion Field," RoboCop" and "Total Recall." But he's also a guitarist, singer and songwriter, and has been since he was a kid. He'll be playing an intimate concert at WILL tonight, and he'll join me on the Monday edition of "Live and Local." I'll talk also with Fabio Luisi, Principal Conductor of the Metropolitan Opera and Chief Conductor of the Vienna Symphony. He and the Symphony will play at the Krannert Center in Urbana Tuesday night.

November 04, 2011 - Live and Local

Memorial concert for pianist Eric Dalheim; Lee Murdock; Red Tail Ring

We'll pack a lot into the Friday edition of "Live and Local." I'll open with a conversation about the late pianist Eric Dalheim, whose memorial concert happens Saturday night. I'll chat with Naumburg Piano Competition winner Soyeon Lee, playing a recital on Sunday. And we'll hear a bit from folksinger Lee Murdock and old-time duo Red Tail Ring, both appearing at the Champaign-Urbana Folk and Roots Festival. NOTE: The interview segments for Soyeon Lee, Lee Murdock and Red Tail Ring included in the live broadcast were but a fragment of our complete conversations. The second audio link is my entire conversation with Ms. Lee, and the third audio link has my complete conversations with Michael Beauchamp of Red Tail Ring and Lee Murdock, respectively. Enjoy!

November 03, 2011 - Live and Local

Champaign-Urbana Folk and Roots Festival with Dan Hubbard and old-time trio Black Coffee Fridays

The Third Annual Champaign-Urbana Folk and Roots Festival this weekend features a varied mix of local and visiting talent. On the Thursday edition of "Live and Local," we'll highlight artists who live in our community: Bloomington-based singer-songwriter Dan Hubbard, and the Champaign-Urbana-based bluegrass and old-time trio Black Coffee Fridays. Both will play for us live on the show.


Bonus video:

November 01, 2011 - Live and Local

Third Annual Champaign-Urbana Folk and Roots Festival; Illinois Symphony Orchestra

The Third Annual Champaign-Urbana Folk and Roots Festival happens this weekend, and we'll have the first of several guests on the Tuesday edition of "Live and Local." She's Donna Herula, a Chicago-based blues singer and guitarist, playing at the Festival on Saturday. I'll also talk with Ken Raskin, the second of the music director candidates for the Illinois Symphony Orchestra.

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