Live and Local - June 27, 2012

Scottish fiddler Kate Fritz

Kate Fritz learned Scottish fiddling as a kid in California, studied Chinese and environmental philosophy in college, and now works as an assistant to Patch Adams MD at the Gesundheit Institute in Urbana. She and guitarist Matt Turino will play at the Krannert Center Thursday evening, and she'll join me live on today's edition of the show. I'll also talk with conductor Sharon Huff of the Brass Band of Central Illinois, who give concerts in Morton and Monticello this week.

Live and Local - June 26, 2012

Composer, arranger and performer Kurt Bestor

Kurt Bestor may not be a name you know, but if you've watched Good Morning America, Monday Night Football or the Winter Olympics of 1988 or 2002, chances are you've heard his music. An award-winning composer, arranger and performer, Bestor will give a concert Sunday at Champaign's Latter-day Saints Chapel, and he'll join me for a conversation on the Tuesday edition of Live and Local.

Live and Local - June 25, 2012

Singer-songwriter Pamela Machala

Singer-songwriter Pamela Machala honed her craft by appearing at open mic nights and showcases during her high school years in Urbana and her college years in Oberlin, OH. She now has a master's degree in piano performance and has returned to her home town, playing solo and with her band around Central Illinois. She'll celebrate the release of her new CD with a show in Champaign Thursday night. Pamela Machala and her band will join us live on today's edition of "Live and Local."

Live and Local - June 22, 2012

Illinois Summer Youth Music Program

The Illinois Summer Youth Music program is underway at the University of Illinois, with the first round of public concerts happening on Saturday. We'll have some of the young musicians perform for us on the Friday edition of Live and Local; And we'll have a live preview of Sunday's concert by the Baroque Artists of Champaign-Urbana, with countertenor Jay Carter and lutenist Jeff Noonan.

Live and Local - June 21, 2012

Evie Ladin and Keith Terry

Evie Ladin is a banjo player, step-dancer, singer, songwriter and square-dance caller based in Oakland, California. Her husband, Keith Terry, sings, plays bass, and specializes in body percussion. Together they present a skilled hybrid of American folk arts, and they'll bring their show to Urbana Thursday night. Evie Ladin and Keith Terry will join us live on the Thursday edition of Live and Local.

Live and Local - June 20, 2012

Nashville singer-songwriter Keith Harden

Some years ago, Keith Harden left his bluesy roots in Champaign-Urbana for the singer-songwriter universe in Nashville, with a stop in central New York. But he returns to the blues when he feels low on inspiration, and he often returns to Champaign-Urbana, including this week for a few performances. Keith Harden will play for us live on the Wednesday edition of Live and Local.

Live and Local - June 19, 2012

Playing Games at the Heartland Theatre Company

Heartland Theatre Company in Normal is in the midst of its annual 10-Minute Play Festival, called Playing Games, through July 1. On the Tuesday edition of Live and Local, we'll have a live preview of one play and hear hints of the rest. And I'll talk with Robert Rumbelow about Thursday's concert by the University of Illinois Summer Band.

Live and Local - June 18, 2012

Music at The Landing at Kickapoo

Besides canoeing and kayaking, The Landing at Kickapoo State Park features live music at the Dockside Cafe on Tuesday and Friday nights, April through October. The offerings include country, bluegrass, gospel, old-time and more. On the Monday edition of Live and Local, we'll get an overview, with a live performance by Strings Attached, the Landing's first band.

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